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    Of course Open Europe has an<a href=""> aegdna</a>. It is a lobbying organisation and all lobbying organisations have<a href=""> aegdna</a>s: that's why they were created.Open Europe's original<a href=""> aegdna</a> was to promote overall change in the EU to make it more focussed on economic liberalism, free trade,open markets and deregulation. All very respectable goals. The problem is that outside the UK few politicians in Europe see these as the only tasks the EU should undertake and there seems to be no general interest in re-casting the EU on these lines. So Open Europe has had to re-invent itself as an organisation principally concerned with the reationship of the UK to the EU, not with the EU's wider identity. It has never advocated the UK's complete withdrawal. Rather, it struggles to find an arrangement under which the UK can still be a full member of something (?a European Economic Community)while the other 26 member states are also members of something else. Whether this is achievable has yet to be proved. Those four or five individuals who regularly post comments on Open Europe's blog - often in rude or incoherent terms -clearly favour a different<a href=""> aegdna</a>. But in this case why don't they take themsleves off to another blog site which more accurately reflects their anti-EU views?
    Poryni je nadherne!
    Stravili jsme tam nasi predsvatebni cestu a bylo to naprostou uzasne!!!
    Top vinohrady !
    to budu brat jako kompliment:)
    2 misa: fotule nahraval tatka, tak se mu asi jina nelibila... neco poslu jeste mejlem :)


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