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    If it doesn't change the<a href=""> coottisuinn</a>/lisbon treaty then there is no need to force the Irish to vote again, until they get it right, and the treaty/constitution should now be binned. Somehow I don't expect the self serving politicians to see it that way, after all they are the ones who benefit from this, not us the plebs.
    Rik and crapshooter -I sugsegt that you read what Merkel told the EU Parliament, link given above, and in particular note how she starts with the words "of course":"Of course the European Commission will one day become a government, the EU council a second chamber and the European Parliament will have more powers. But for now, we have to focus on the euro and give people a little bit of time to come along". If this arrogant woman really thinks that with "a little bit of time" the British people will voluntarily be made subject to her EU federation then she should think again.God knows why the UK government has signed up to help her Save the Euro, when it's long been clear what she would want to follow on from that, including:"Our goal must be that all EU member States join the euro one day without making any exception for the UK.I see her as not just as an arrogant enemy of democracy, and at heart an enemy of my country, but as a downright evil woman.Have you forgotten that it's above all thanks to Merkel that the Lisbon Treaty has been imposed on the population of the EU?That above all others it was Merkel who insisted that the legal contents of the EU Constitution, rejected by the French and the Dutch in their referendums, must be decanted into her "Reform Treaty" and relaunched in new packaging?That above all others it was Merkel who insisted that the second time round there must be no referendums, and even got Brown to put pressure on the Spanish Prime Minister when he seemed to be weakening and about to allow a referendum in Spain?That above all others it was Merkel who refused to accept the result of the first referendum in Ireland on the Lisbon Treaty, and set out to bully and threaten the Irish to vote again, and vote as she wanted?And have you forgotten the vile propaganda campaign she had launched against President Klaus of the Czech Republic after the Irish had given up opposing her, to force him to sign off the Lisbon Treaty, including references to previous "defenestrations"? [url=]inhskrkf[/url] [link=]ehpgnr[/link]
    Souhlasim... Asi si konecne namirim hledacek na nejakou odlehcenou verzi...
    Kroj je kroj, plat prtno.


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