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    Spa: You are of course right to say that notihng is pre-ordained and that there is no certainty that the EU will become a single State. But what IS certain is that this is and always was the INTENTION of the EU elite for more than 50 years, as Mike Hanton's quotation and innumerable other references from "ever closer union" onwards confirms beyond rational doubt.Those who fight against EU membership do so not because they think the single EU State is inevitable, but that it is very likely unless we do oppose it - though of course it is far less likely now than it once seemed. Our main concern in Britain is of course that Britain should not be subsumed as little better than a Colony of this EU State. However as we believe that much of what we think objectionable, in democratic and economic terms, should be just as objectionable to people in other member States. That is of course up to them, not us, but we believe that our exit and consequent recovery, both economic and in terms of democracy, might well encourage other countries to follow - which is of course what the EU elite are terrified of seeing happen.It is of course still possible that the coming collapse of the EU will not be total and that a much smaller number of countries will merge into a single State - the smaller the number and the more alike they are, the more likely it might work. On the other hand, the refusal of the EU elite to face economic facts, forcing many millions into poverty and even civil war, might well lead to total collapse.Every other point @Doctor spa makes is spot on
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