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    As usual I fully agree with Christina Speight. She fully covers my own views on the <a href="">coetpmlely</a> undemocratic profligate gravy train. The gravy train fiasco is now detested by the majority of the British people and Cameron and his liberal socialist mates know only too well what the result would be if we got the cast iron guaranteed referendum promised by Cameron before the last election.Many of us lifelong Tory members are having our patience tested to the extreme and Cameron can not guarantee that we will all not vote UKIP next time around. I would not be surprised to find that the 2 red Ed run Socialist Party gives us the promise of a referendum again in order to get re-elected and give away the rest of our so called gravy train rebate, and carry on with their borrowing and squandering policies.It is so frustrating watching democracy being flouted throughout the gravy train and in our own country!Open Europe does not help either with its pro gravy train blogs.
    2ta z 3nca
    Neverim, to je smecko na lidi, ohyba nikl a hlinik! Jsem toho nazoru, ze Fujisan je pouze fantazie poetickych japoncu, vsecky takove fotky jsou jen fotomontaze cepice japonskych ryzo-zemedelcu a mouckoveho cukru!


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