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    This tape is sick. Love hearing new old skool stuff I've never even heard <a href="">befroe</a>.. This mix had a lot of tunes I wasn't familiar with. Givin love for the selection n programing, bout 20 years ago now! In the day mixing skills..
    Bugger what the EU needs; the EU should never have been creetad and the world would be better off without it; my paramount concern is the future of my country, not that of an intentionally anti-democratic international treaty organisation which from its very start was defective, and which inevitably and quickly degenerated into corruption and now outright and unashamed lawlessness; if people in other countries are so foolish and naive that they can't see that, then let them sink into subjugation to the likes of that evil bitch Merkel; I don't give a tinker's cuss whether she's losing patience with us, she can go and stuff herself; as far as my nation is concerned we should just get out of it.


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